Saturday, May 1, 2010

Zoo Day!

Micah was SO excited about his school's zoo day.  Even though it was on a Saturday, he thought he was going to ride the bus with his class and be there with all his friends.  Actually, it was a safety awareness day and half the city's school system was given a free ticket.  Safety Awareness Day...a perfect day to take all five kids to the zoo by myself...

Photo-op in the Eagle's Nest... not happening.

Micah checkin' out the River Otter.  He was pretty excited that it swam so close to him!

WHAT is going on here with that baby's face?!

Noble said "Dah!  Dah!  Dah!"  Which means "dog".  Close enough!

Eww!  I swear I did NOT know he was doing that until I looked at the picture.  Gross.
But he really liked those lil' doggies.

See?  Excited!

  Woah!!  Help us!  Our canoe is tipping over!!

  And then we came to what turned out to be the kids' favorite exibit: the Big Green Field.

 We had a little tangerine break.

I finally got to see the baby elephant...
  ...and the Predators of the Serengeti!  RAAWR!!

Silly kids!

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Jen Gray said...

Fun day! Anna loves visiting the zoo here. : )