Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Then You Can Brush Your Teeth and Go To Bed

(weeping) "I don't like this!"
"But you haven't even tried it!"
"I don't like this food! It's YUCKY!"

I don't know what my kids' problem is. Doesn't this look delicious to you?

I'm being sarcastic. I know it looks gross; that's why I had to take a picture. It's not as nasty as it looks, I promise. But then again, I love chard.

When David got home, he asked if there was any dinner left; he thought this was compost. If you want to make nasty dinners too, here's what you do:
Go to Trader Joe's and get a bag of tortellini , a bag of frozen, cooked shrimp, and a bag of Chard of Many Colors, and follow directions. This involves sauteed garlic, chard, broth, a big can of crushed tomatoes, and a glug or two of Vermouth (you know, glug-glug....that's the sound it makes when you pour it into your throat--err...your pan...) and let it simmer. Throw the shrimp in the hot pasta water just before you drain it, toss everything togeter and voila! A big huge bowl of deliciousness that you will be enjoying, by yourself, for the rest of the week.

Bon app├ętit!

Ghost Town Vonderstadt

What fun is blogging without colorful illustrations?

Our digital camera is broken. My mom's digital camera is in the shop, because I'm so horrified that I broke (or someone broke) it after she so generously lent it to us for Noble's birth (it's fixed, mom, I just have to go get it). And I can't afford film and developing for my non-digital (is there a better term for that?) SLR. So that leaves me...

...prepare yourself...you may want to sit down...

...enjoying life through my own eyes, and interacting with the freedom that comes from not having delicate equipment to protect. In fact, I haven't dropped the baby once, or smacked anyone in the head with a swinging camera! Hooray!

But that's one reason I don't blog very often, if anyone cares. That, and I can only sacrifice time for when I have something really, really important to say, like this of course....

Just wanted to let you know.