Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Love in the Kitchen

I have been having some tremendous luck at the Thrift Stores lately. Getting what I went in to find, that kind of thing. This wonderful little gem was just something I'd been wanting (after melting the enamel off my favorite graniteware percolator--how does that even happen?! Electric stoves will be the end of me, I swear). I can take it camping, it makes great espresso.... and there it was, lonely on the shelf, just waiting for me. I wasn't even looking for it. But it was looking for me. And now we are in love.

What's that? You thought I gave up coffee? I told you it was bad for me and makes me depressed and magnifies the hormonal roller coaster? Well, yes, that is true. But just look at that cute little thing! And just try saying "percolator" without feeling giddy, or "espresso" (not eXpresso) without feeling smug--I mean, cool. And just try taking a teaspoon each of sugar and cocoa powder, melting them into a cacophony of flavor with the freshly percolated goodness, topping it off with a smidge of cream and not feel satisfied, inspired to tidy the hurricane your children left you with as they clambered off to school. It's near impossible! Just do not--I repeat, do not mistake the jar of sea salt for white sugar. A tasty confection this does not make!

Ahhhh..... I am off to enjoy the calm after the storm with my toothsome cup of chocolaty indemnification.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Art Class

Yesterday, one of my childhood dreams came true and I was an art teacher for a day! Well, for a couple of hours at least. OK, basically, I had a playdate with a friend, and I did an art project with her kids (who are homeschooled, so we called it Art Class...so it's official) and my own rowdy brood. It was loud and a little bit crazy (mostly thanks to Micah) but it was controlled enough to learn some new art techniques!

First we watercolored some wet, heavy-gauge watercolor paper, and talked about what colors God paints the sunset and sunrise, and what primary colors do you mix together to get those colors? We let that dry while the kids had sword-fights and the moms made pizza. Then the fun part: blowing India Ink around to look like wintery, branchy, creepy trees!

Success! Micah never actually made it to the India Ink part. He is way too crazy for India Ink.
Homeschooling is fun!