Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have this friend. Her name is Leslie. We are having twins! That's what we say because we are having babies at about the same time. It's very exciting. This will be my 5th, her first, so she has time to do amazing things like start a onesie business. This is not to under-appreciate Leslie's overall brilliantness...she is everything cool you ever wanted to be: a rock star, an artist, an amazing teacher...blah, blah, blah...the list goes on. I wanted to make a few gender non-specific onesies for our baby (we're waiting until it's born to find out the gender) but it's all I can do to make sure we all have clean underwear right now, so I don't know if the nesting thing is going to save me or not. Leslie's onsie shop is, ironically, just what I'd been wanting to do except even more amazing! It's called Dardinelle and I really want you to help her get it off the ground! So here's what you can do: pick the onesie that you love the most (it's really hard to decide) and buy one for me! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Leslie will appreciate you, and our baby will appreciate being clothed. Really. I have a bunch of receiving blankets left over from the other kids, but that's about it. I pictured the hippo onesie "because," as the caption says, "they are always hungry." I love it!
Now go shop, and spread the cuteness!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Perjinkities (pur-JINK-i-teez) n. Those little fuzzy balls hanging off of cheap sombreros.

Look at me!! I can sew!
I am really proud of this skirt I made for a little girl we know. I feel like a real sew-er...errr, seamstress. I'm making one for my girls as well, but theirs will have equally cool ORANGE ric-rac lining the bottom instead of lime green perjinkities. I've been really into orange and green lately.

The thing is, you've probably never heard of perjinkities. You've seen them, you know what they are, but the name for them has only been around for about 10 years. It came out of a game of Balderdash, which the gang played up at Westmont one night in the early 90's. It was yet another night of laughing and hilarity at lord knows what....how come we don't laugh like that anymore? I think I just haven't made aquaintences in my adult life as silly as the friends I grew up with, and like a drug, I sometimes long for a few minutes of those days so bad I can almost taste it.

Well, I tried to look up perjinkities in the dictionary and it isn't in there, which makes it seem impossible that it was in the game. Maybe I spelled it wrong. But no matter...it's still a word to us. And isn't it ironic that everyone gets giddy when they see perjinkities, they are just so fun and cute! But to me they tap into a giddiness deep down inside me, past my grown-upness, into a place between youth and responsibility where gas was cheap enough to drive all over town doing ridiculous things almost every night of the week, filling our backpacks with laughter. Ohhh, the addictive taste of laughter...