Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have this friend. Her name is Leslie. We are having twins! That's what we say because we are having babies at about the same time. It's very exciting. This will be my 5th, her first, so she has time to do amazing things like start a onesie business. This is not to under-appreciate Leslie's overall brilliantness...she is everything cool you ever wanted to be: a rock star, an artist, an amazing teacher...blah, blah, blah...the list goes on. I wanted to make a few gender non-specific onesies for our baby (we're waiting until it's born to find out the gender) but it's all I can do to make sure we all have clean underwear right now, so I don't know if the nesting thing is going to save me or not. Leslie's onsie shop is, ironically, just what I'd been wanting to do except even more amazing! It's called Dardinelle and I really want you to help her get it off the ground! So here's what you can do: pick the onesie that you love the most (it's really hard to decide) and buy one for me! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Leslie will appreciate you, and our baby will appreciate being clothed. Really. I have a bunch of receiving blankets left over from the other kids, but that's about it. I pictured the hippo onesie "because," as the caption says, "they are always hungry." I love it!
Now go shop, and spread the cuteness!


Kosel Family Tree said...

Very cool, I'll have to pass the info on to a friend that just had a wee one. I'm glad to find another blog to add to my list! Ours is www.koselfamilytree.blogspot.com

les said...

you just made my day mrs. vonderahe! you are amazing...i'll buy you one for sure! :D

Cornelia Becker Seigneur said...

congrats on expecting the fifth child- and a soon welcome to the very special 5-child world - I love it here!