Friday, June 1, 2007

A-Camping We Will Go!

We are going camping in Yellowstone this month, so I'm looking for ideas for making meals for six on a 2-burner campstove, surrounded by DIRT really, really easy. I've had a little practice, but am FAR from the professional campers my parents seemed to be (hmmm...although...maybe they were at the advantage with 1/2 the kids and twice as many vehicles, one being a truck with what we called a "Gypsy Wagon" on the back.) So any suggestions on how to camp with and feed 4 kids in Yellowstone in particular would be greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile, I found a great website that I don't know why I didn't consider right off the bat...after all, the Boy Scouts wrote the book on camping, right?! Not only are there a TON of recipes that are practical for roughin' it, but there are some really good recipes on there for every day. Easy, delicious, and great for "feeding the troops" if you will....

Like this one (I can't believe I found it)...Funnel Cakes are only my favorite dessert (from childhood...and the only good ones were at Disneyland), and now I can have it while CAMPING? What better treat after the kids are down and we sit by the fire, exhausted after a long day of trying to get our kids to nap in a tent and not wander off to be eaten by bears, and all that other fun stuff camping with toddlers comes with. Ahhhhhhhhhh..........

TitleFunnel Cake
Ingredients10 cups flour
2 packages dry egg mixture
1 package dry milk mixture (enough to make 1 quart)
5 teaspoons baking powder
2 1/2 teaspoons salt
Combine before trip.
EquipmentFrying pan or simple pot
InstructionsUse 1 cup mixture and >1/2 cup water, mix completely in plastic bag. Should be more than enough for one person . Drop in hot oil from corner cut from plastic bag and cook until light brown, turn once. Top with sugar or fruits if desired.