Friday, May 14, 2010

Micah's Birthday, Revisited

Remember back in '09 when I said there was more to come of Micah's Birthday shenanigans? Well, I'm finally getting around to that.

What a sweet boy, posing for mommy while she takes 500 pictures with various settings on the camera, none of which end up taking the picture she wants to take. Ahh, perfectionism. Meanwhile...

This is what he really wanted to be doing!

We had an ICE CREAM PARTY for Micah's 5th.
In this picture all the little guests are getting instructed on the Taste Testing Rules (we are serious about our party game rules). They all had to taste 5 flavors blindfolded and take their best guess at what flavor it was.

We didn't actually blindfold them...too much putting on/taking off. But they did a pretty good job at keeping their eyes closed. I think 4-5-year olds will pretty much do anything for a bite of ice cream, though.

Brain Freeze?

If you knew this guy's mom, you might think he's busting out in an aria. But no, he was just ready as all get out for his next bite of ice-creamy-goodness!

Cute kids waiting in line...

...some of them were BORN ready!

A couple of the big kids (Korah and friends) thought we needed more party games, so they took it upon themselves to make a "Pin the Cherry on the Sundae" game. It was pretty awesome.

When they guessed all the flavors and picked their favorite, they all got a legitimate cone...with Sprinkles. See the sprinkles? All over the beige carpet? So fun!

This is not the greatest photographic moment, but I love it. It would be a miracle to get these three to stay still together for a pose anyway... I love the authenticity of the moment and seeing my boy love having friends!

Someone gave Micah a lollipop on one of the presents and he popped that sucker right in his mouth! No waiting until he was done seeing what the present was; just right there in front of everyone who didn't have one..."oh YEEAH! CANDY!"

Taylor, who is preciously incapable of just writing "Happy Birthday", is reading the page of sentiments he wrote on Micah's Birthday card.

What is it with Spider-Man, anyway? All Micah wanted was Spider-Man stuff, so he was so stoked to get this Chutes & Ladders game from his buddy Braden (a HUGE Spidey fan himself). Micah loves to play it, which is bitter-sweet because it reminds us of our sweet friend who has moved away. (Shout out to B!)


Micah is officially five and a half now, and still, one of the most amazing kids I know. He loves people, he loves his mama, he loves to laugh and be happy. It's really hard for anything to get that kid down. He's grown a foot since he started preschool and has really blossomed in his language skills. He LOVES his baby brother, and Noble loves to play with Micah. Sometimes I catch Micah pushing the envelope on what's too rough for Noble, but kind of in the same way that mama birds push their chicks toward the edge of the nest. It's like it's his job to toughen Noble up in the most gentle and fun way.

Micah is also very attached to his "twin" sister Morgen (they are 13 mos apart). They play together so well, with the occasional mis-communication where one will just ignore the other which creates big hurt feelings!

Taylor is realizing that Micah is brilliant at Legos and that he doesn't have to be so afraid of Micah breaking his stuff! Micah is also surprising us with his comprehension of all things visual. He memorizes all of the moves on Poptropica and totally understands this game, even though he cannot read a single word of it! His favorite thing to veg out on is The Electric Company, and he likes to yell out "HEY YOU GUYS!!" and see if his brothers and sisters come running! I could go on and on....

Micah is a good kid to know.

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Karen Elaine said...

great pictures! braden loved that party. miss you guys terribly. we will be at laurelhurst park tomorrow - can you come?? and we'll be at imago on sunday. can't wait to see you. and hopefully micah will be in class with braden. :)