Monday, October 17, 2011


Korah is a budding photographer now that she's got her own camera. She babysat all summer, dividing up her earnings between giving, savings and spending jars. Her grammy, who's a bookkeeper, showed her how to keep records, and I'm proud to say that Korah kept them! Every time she earned some babysitting money, she came home and divvied it out, taking note of her employer, her hours, her pay. I could take a lesson!

By the end of summer, her goal was reached (although the specific amount kept changing as we shopped around online) and she bought her very own iPod Touch! We are very proud of her achievement...and now, of her photography!

I love shots like this, illustrating the inherent magic of adolescence.

photo credit, edited by korah

photo credit, edited by korah


Deb said...

Wow! Tell Korah that I think the third picture down (the golden one) is absolutely stunningly beautiful of her.

kristen c said...

These are awesome and inspiring. Get that girl on Instagram or flickr or something and then monitor her. :)
It's funny how I remember spending lots of alone time hanging out in front of my dresser mirror as a young teenager, trying to see myself, understand who I was or wanted to be. These camera-phones and editing software seem to be able to give teens the ability to do that and then capture the moment. I think its great. I also think photography should be other-centered, so she's noticing the world, too--not just herself.

CC said...

She's doing such a great job! I love them!

Lisa said...

Incredible, deep photos by your artist-girl. Wow! Keep it up, Korah!