Monday, October 10, 2011

Historic Oysterville

As a trade for 7 hours of mural painting, I got to take my family to a beach house in Oysterville, WA, where I spent two days cooking Morgen's favorite foods and making birthday cake and cleaning and....

Wait. I never saw the beach! It's a good thing I find deep fulfillment in serving my family, because that was a lot of work. I'll stop talking now and just show you some photos, because I'm starting to feel like I need a vacation.

1854: Abraham Lincoln is President. Henry David Thoreau publishes Walden. And a little town perfect for harvesting oysters is founded.

1892: Basketball becomes an official competitive sport and Grover Cleveland is elected President.
I'll bet he ate oysters.

Only next to the sea would a moss so pretty grow to cover everything with it's soft and dreamy veil.

Them's a lot of oyster shells.

And a little trip to Jack's Country Store for some birthday ice cream. They have pretty much anything you might need in a pinch, and cool, retro candy and gum, like Clove and Black Jack. I got some Dots to put on Morgen's cake...I've never been much of a candy eater, but what's with candy buttons? What a dumb candy. Pretty, but dumb. Let's just say we ate a lot of paper.

We decided to visit this old cemetery to see what history we could find there.

Have some time on your hands? You could research why Chief Nahcati was buried in the Oysterille Cemetery instead of in Nahcotta. Maybe Nahcotta came after 1864.

I love this: boulder as headstone. This is what I want. After my viking funeral. Somebody notarize that.

And then, because my kids absolutely love the potential of a ghost story, we had to stop on the way out and take a photo of this "not-in-Kansas-anymore" house. They made up all kinds of stories about it's history and we quickly sped away when they could've sworn they saw someone behind the curtains:

Oooo, spooky!!

Coming up next: Morgen's 8th birthday and a day at the beach!


Sarah said...

dude. awesome.

chaundra Anderson said...

those photos are gorgeous. you are so talented! i've missed the blog world lately. i think it's time to come back. :)

w said...

Thanks! I've missed you two, too. I guess we've all been busy "IRL", eh? :D