Sunday, July 24, 2011

What Is It?

We found this in our attic eves today:

Any idea what it is?

Our house was built in 1907, and has been randomly modified in various ways ever since. So there's no telling if this dormer came with the original house, but it's time for this rickety, leaky bad-boy to go.


Making progress! There was a nasty, fogged-up window here, with no ventilation except for these two wood flaps, through which --legend has it-- the previous owners' three-legged dog would climb out and bark at the neighbors. I also happen to know that racoons will crawl in those flaps and poop in your attic, too.

I am ecstatic to:
a) see the sun
b) smash something with the sledge hammer
c) not be making food for someone
d) all of the above

Seriously, if you know what that cage-thing is, tell us, please!

I'll try and keep y'all up to date on what comes of this massive hole in our roof.


Kosel Family said...

It looks like a canning rack, but it's oval shape seems a little odd. Maybe for a large roasting pan to lift the roast or turkey out with after cooking. Seriously looks like a canning rack though.

wendy said...

Hey, I think you might be on to something. Is it possible that I have it upside-down? I can't figure out the bent parts of the handles. Maybe it's to grab a pot or tops of jars?

Jen Gray said...

I agree; totally a canning rack for an oval shaped pan. Go make some jam! : )

Kosel Family said...

The handles are curved to hang on to the side of the caner. Now if we just had the caner! I have jars, I have berries... bring it on down :p My in-laws have a TON of marionberries... fresh... tempting yes.. no?

Jen Gray said...

Yes, the bent part you can hook on to the lip of the pan when you are loading or unloading the canner. Then you lower the whole tray down into the water. Now to find just the right pan to use it in, right?

Karen Elaine Rogers said...

it's a canning rack. :) ooops...looks like other mama's beat me to that one. i'm waaay behind on reading blogs.