Thursday, July 28, 2011

Preserved...For Preserves!

We found this crazy wire contraption in the eves of our attic the other day, and didn't know what it was. But you guys did! You were right: it holds Mason Jars for canning, and I did indeed have it upside-down in my last post.

So now I need to find a wacky oval pan and I can make a heckuva lotta jam! (That always makes me think of Monica's Jam Plan to get over her breakup with Magnum P.I. Richard.) Or wouldn't it be a cute holder of containers? I could fill them with silverware and flowers and things at a picnic! Or, I could do THIS.

I spent an hour looking all over the internet for one like it, and I only found small round canning racks, or single-jar holders. I haven't found any that are as large as this one. And by the way, there is a whole world of Mason Jar arts and craftiness that I find super-cool.

So my questions now are these:

  • What was this doing in the walls of my attic?!?!
  • How the heck old is it??

I should show you some of the other cool stuff we've found in our centurial home.....


Chelsea said...

that looks so pretty with just jars & flowers! so glad you are blogging more. and i love all the photos. you make regular life seem so interesting and beautiful! (ps-i love that episode)

wendy said...

I sometimes wonder if the price I pay to blog (neglecting sleep or chores) is worth it. But maybe I *need* to do it, to remind myself that my life IS interesting and beautiful, not just tedious and ugly-- because it's definitely BOTH! lol!