Friday, October 15, 2010

And Your Name Is...?

Hello friends and interwebs!

Due in part to your generous words of affirmation, and in part to the need for cash to burn I have decided to finally get the Etsy ball rolling!

So I will paint.  Somehow, somewhere, in an epic battle for space and time, I will find a way to paint.

Then I realized the really hard part: deciding on a shop name!  I wasn't expecting to do that right away....doesn't that take months of deep contemplation and market research or something?  I can't wait that long!  Not that I'm impatient or anything... but c'mon, this is just the first step!  I wanna get this ball rolling, people...before I lose my nerve!

I need your help!  I need your insight and your brilliant ideas and your creativity... if ever there was a time to be loquacious in the comments, it is now!

Here are the specs:
  • I will be selling hand-painted, watercolor and ink greeting cards
  • I like nostalgia, the ocean, and shapes that have movement
  • I liken zee Deutsch.  Our name is German.  I like to brand things with Vonder---, like Vonderhizzle!  (How does Von Sieben Haus sound??  A little too German?  It means House of Seven, 'cause that's what we are.  How about Aquarellfarbe?  It means Watercolor...)
  • I'm kinda silly and I have a bunch of silly children.
Let's make it a contest!
If I choose your suggestion or I'm inspired the most by your idea, you will be the first recipient of a set of 5 hand-painted cards!  Hooray!

So put your thinking caps on and... shoot, my thinking cap just got blown off as the aforementioned battle for space and time rages on around me... gotta go!

Thanks for your help!!


Sarah said...

Yay! I'm so excited you're doing this!!!

Names are hard. For sure.

I don't have any brilliant ideas (yet) but I will suggest that you choose something easy to pronounce and spell. People are going to need to type it in - you wanna tell them once and have them easily remember it the next time they get to a computer. and you don't want to have to worry about misspellings. So with all that in mind - i might choose a simple german word. that people recognize. or that makes sense to a lot of folks. Like Vonder-art (well, not that) but something simple.

Do you guys have any simple sayings that are indicative of your family? (Vonder+fun phrases are the first thing to come to my mind, but are there more...?)

I named one thing the nickname my dad called me as a kid. That was cute. I named another thing my own name (not my favorite, but felt necessary) and another name was a sort of all encompassing 'what was going on' kinda name. If that makes any sense. I personally love phrase names... like ummm

five spare minutes
for the love
dollars are nice
ink & color
colored ink

I don't know. I'm so so excited that you're doing this though!!!

emily* said...

I second all of Sarah's commentary. Totally awesome that you are going to do this!!

My thinking cap is on for ya....I'll let you know if I have any fabulous ideas. :)

Jessi said...

Yay!!! That is so great! I love that you are doing this. I really want to try to suggest something good so I can get 5 cards by you. (-: I agree with everything Sarah said, that is all good advice. I also like her suggestion of five spare minutes. or something around five. It incorporates the idea of taking 5 minutes for yourself to do something for you and because you have five kids... I will keep thinking about it.

emily* said...

Vonderhaus Designs

Painting for 5 (or 7)

5 kids a dog and a paintbrush

That's all I got. I'm of no help.

katieoz said...


rae ann said...

braincells to breastmilk...???? that could be a memorable shop name.

haha! i'm stoked you're doing this! i can't wait!

Jessi said...

color by five
paint by five
Time for five
okay, I will stop with the five thing. (-:

Deb said...

Way to go, Wendy! I'm with Emily and Sarah's comments especially that the name needs to be easy to remember and spell so folks can find your shop. I'm not having good luck thinking of such a name though...Wendy's Whimsy ?! VonderVoman ? I think I'm just getting silly now.

wendy said...


CeAnne said...

I like Von Sieban Hizzle... you have great name ideas! Just stick with one of those :)

Leppard said...

I too am so excited to see you are setting up shop. I am like Jessi and covet those free five cards but I am not sure if I can come up with any names at this time on a Monday morning. Ok maybe I have one or two... lets see

Seven sillies
Vonder Whimsy
Vonder Vagabonds

Yup thats it. sorry creativity tapped out right now. Good luck with everything.

Sarah said... come up with anything?

Jessi said...

I LOVE water whimsy or wendy's whimsy.

Amber and Jeff McCleary said...


what the german for wonderful...
wonderbar? on words with vonderbar?

Laura Mo said...

Vonderful is my favorite so far! I can't wait to tell people all about your Etsy site!

Shannon said...

Those pictures you put up are great!!