Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who chimed in on the Etsy shop name so far!  I love all your suggestions.  I'm also realizing (and maybe it's just from my vantage point) that I'm not really liking the sound of "Vonder" in relation to what I do (watercolor).  It just sounds heavy and harsh compared to the light, watery medium.  I'm also thinking that if this is a business, I might want it to be totally autonomous from my family life, my kids, my name.  Hmm... considering more about what I love in association with watercolor, I came up with this:


Whaddya think?  Any combo of those catch your eye?  Anything similar come to mind?  I'm thinking I'm at least narrowing down what my eventual tattoo will be :)

For now I will leave you with this disturbing image which --literally-- gave me nightmares last night.  Maybe you had to be there... but oh, the weirdness that is the Vonderhizzles...

Making a scene in the grocery store on our way to a Pumpkin Carving Party.


CeAnne said...

From those you have listed I like BrushAndHue best :) Can't wait for your store to be up!

Laura Mo said...

I have to agree with CeAnne... BrushAndHue is the best.

Love the picture! It makes me miss all of you even more...

Jessi said...

love Brush and Hue too! Though I like the reasoning behind going this way and they all sound good.