Friday, September 24, 2010

Bluebeard the Pirate

At the very beginning of summer, we heard of a litter of puppies that was being given away to anyone who walked by...

So we walked by.

One look at this little face and how could we resist?

Seriously.  He was still drinking milk.  We had to feed him from a bottle, and we carried him everywhere in our pockets!

They said he was part Lab, part Blue Heeler.  So we called him Blue.

Then we noticed his eye-patch and he had to be Bluebeard the Pirate.  Arrrrr!

Now (a mere three months later), lord help us, this dog has tripled in size!


emily* said...

Oh my word he is cute!!!

Heelers are the greatest! The first year sucks, especially when they chew up everything under the sun.

But having a pup (especially a heeler) is awesome!!

Kaia said...

Yeah, Blue has a very cute Beard!!!!!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

He is lovely and not at all a Blackbeard. Whew.

(They are so much work. How do you manage it all, with such grace? You are a delight.)