Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Day of School: Part 3

And finally....
Micah gets his own First Day and becomes an official preschool Sunflower Kid! (He has the same teacher that Morgen had last year, and they are in the "Sunflower" room.) Micah didn't want to stand by the door for a dorky first-day-of-school picture; he preferred to pose on a favorite tree stump outside, thankyouverymuch! It's funny how much this kid enjoys posing for the camera! Like not just "cheeeeese!" but he's all striking poses and stuff. And then he tells me about them--his poses-- after the photo shoot. He's hilarious.

Micah also, loves school. I think he loves the second, more sugary breakfast he gets there. He loves all the toys and the stacks and stacks of BOOKS! Teacher Marge said he spent a whole 45 minutes in the kitchen area, practicing using a knife, because that's what they did that day. So yeah, we are all impressed with his interest in one particular genre of play and his ability to stay put for so long. However, I couldn't help but wonder if that was 45 solid minutes of "choosing" time (and what that would mean to me anyway) and...uhmmm....did you say "cutting" with "knives"? Yeah... that's what I thought you said (and what does that mean to me?!).

This kid kills me. What a punk. I want to say he reminds me of one of those nasty Mexican candies that are like Mango-Chili or something? Except not as nasty, and with a much better aftertaste. He's so sweet and giggly and ohmygosh he LOVES his baby brudder! But he's also so... * CRACK! * BAM! * POW! * ...spicy! Sweet and spicy. (*sigh*) What would I do without my little Mexican Candy? (ugh. I need to think of a better analogy for him.)

So now I have two--count them--TWO whole hours where it's just me and the babe (which is less than last year, but shut-up...I'm not talking about last year), and I have some rollerskating dreams that I'm just not going to talk about because as soon as I do, something will come up, or down--like RAIN--and then you all will be like, "Hey, we thought you were going to..." So nevermind that. If I do something besides rush home and take a nap, I'm sure it will be blog-worthy!

Which reminds me, I have to update y'all on the Art 365 daily thing, which--don't get yer hopes up--turned out to be a travesty. Or at least a little bit of a pie-in-the-sky.

Hmm. Pie sounds fun to paint...


Kathy said...

Check out his pose!! Oh my goodness..I could guess his father without a name tag or reference. Oh wow.

Rollerskating dreams huh? Im scared.

Kristen Courter said...

I love your writing. Especially when it is about Micah, because that kid is just funny.

And I'll blade with you; I'm not afraid.

CC said...

What a big guy you've got there!