Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Last Wednesday (I'm obviously not one of those up-to-the-minute bloggers) we celebrated David's 36th birthday. Man, we are on our way to 40....weird.

Anyway, he and I had a long-anticipated and much-needed lunch date at Todai (shout out to the DFAC for keeping our kids for us!). Then I drove around the Sellwood neighborhood looking for a parking spot while Dave fulfilled a lifelong dream of seeing Captain Bogg & Salty in concert. Yarrrrrr! I found a parking spot and rolled the stroller up to the park in time to yell "EAT A LIME!" and set up a little picnic. Then we busted out a chocolate cake and candles, and Dave and I sang 'Happy Birthday' while the kids drooled on the cake.

After the park, we came home to open presents. All our presents right now have to be made or bought with the Oregon Trail card, which is completely okay with us! This was mine:

We love these because we consumed mass amount of these (originally intended on being souvenirs for the folks back home) on our honeymoon in Maui.

Korah makes the most fantastic cards! She is so creative and sweet. And I love how she is always so proud of herself. She'll ask you for days if you saw it, liked it, if you want to see it again.

The kids have caught on to what Birthday Cards are all about and often include "games" as part of the Birthday Card Experience. Taylor's was my personal favorite, with these words:

"Dear daddy, I hope your birthday is so fun that you want to have three more!!"

Even Morgen made a card this year! She had a lot to say, and she had her own little fun surprises inside. Taylor helped her write it all out, and they did all this without my prompting or anything! They are amazing....

Korah and her grandma picked out a singing card which Micah thought was just hilarious. It went something like, "Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-naahhhhh!" You know the one. It's his favorite song.

I have to mention that getting that group photo at the top was not an easy shot. And then I discovered when it was all over that there was a huge, greasy fingerprint on my lens. (sigh) Oh well. I was there...I lived it. I don't need a professional photo of it! And look how much fun we were having:

A great day was had by all! Happy Birthday, V.V.!

...and many more....(than four)...


Kathy said...


What great photos!! Seriously. You're a lively bunch arent ya? LOVEd the tablecloth (as random as that is)

Hannah said...

If it helps, I didn't notice any fingerprints!

Happy Birthday Dave! Dirk is close behind you on the 36 wagon!