Friday, August 7, 2009

Art 365 Daily

Tonight was a hard night. My body and spirit were drained for so many reasons, and I was just about at the end of myself when there was a knock on my door... Thank goodness for whiny Facebook status updates and the people who reach out beyond them, because there stood my good friend Laurie, asking if she could take my kids off to run around on the farm so I could have some alone time and visit First Thursday. I threw my arms around her and started to sob! How grateful I am for good friends.

I was so refreshed and invigorated that when I got home I dead-headed all my roses and cut the sun-burnt blooms off the hydrangia, packed up the yard debris bin and rolled it out to the curb. And I had an idea. Inspired by my friend Aaron's 365 Daily photography discipline --and I hesitate to say this because I am not very good at self-discipline and long term resolutions-- I decided I might try a 365 Daily ART project. Basically, I will do some sort of art every day. I hope most of it is painting. Something I drop a little bit of soul into. As Aaron says, this will be a way of pushing me to make better art (or make due with an average effort).

It is too late tonight to paint anything, but I have some ideas I've been wanting to sketch out, and I'm excited to have a reason to push 'em through. For tonight, I want to post some photos I took with my SLR in black and white over a year ago. I found the roll and developed it only a few short months ago, and was thrilled at what I found. If I was a millionaire, I would switch to photography, and only shoot film... but for now I paint; the poor-man's medium. (Heh-heh.)


Laura Mo said...

I hope you post some of the art you're going to do for your project. You are such a talented and gifted person.

*The last photo is my favorite*

CeAnne said...

I think that is a great idea Wendy! Maybe you should start a facebook group like the photo one and I'll join you :) Paul too! He has been talking about something like that once we get moved. We both are neglecting our artistic side. What great motivation! Sorry we aren't closer so I can help you out. I'll have to plan a day to come up though so the kids can play.

Your photos are wonderful!

lvoigte said...

I like reading your posts. Your photography is great and your kids are SO cute!

les said...

<3 you!

rae ann said...

first of all, i need your address. i saw your status update and wanted to help, but didn't know where to start. email me your address.

second, you should start an art blog where you post whatever you've worked on. i can't wait to see how this transpires for you!

third, your photos... ::sigh:: your photos... love.

michellewaite1 said...

I have been trying to do project 365 this year. I have taken photos almost every day. I have been so inspired I bought a Rebel and am trying to learn more about photography.