Friday, November 4, 2011

Dance of the Dead!

 That's what they were calling it: The Dance of the Dead.

Tonight Korah had her first middle school dance and the kids all had a blast! The key to getting kids to dance, I've decided: strobe lights. Goofing off in a strobe light is endless fun, and makes super-cool shadows on the wall.

I didn't get any pictures of my Little Miss Independent in her awesome costume on Halloween (she was running around haunted houses with friends), so I had to snap a few photos at the end of the dance tonight. She didn't have her full wig and zombie make-up on, but what luck to capture such a great action shot with my silly little camera! Look at her cutting a rug there-- she's such a fun girl.

And so pretty! What the day-of-the-dead is going on? Yes, despite the white face paint, a light and life shines through her expression. I am excited for and proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Now, because it's not a half-bad picture of me (note to self: left arm takes better self-portraits), I have to brag a little on Korah's awesome teacher who allowed these social butterflies to pull off a really fun evening. She's really giving them "wings", and I'm glad she's ours! :) I have to admit, I kind of adore her.

Is the spookiness over yet? Because I have some birthdays to share about!

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