Monday, November 7, 2011

Buggy Bouncy Birthday Boy

It's a good thing Noble is in the high-maintenance toddler stage right now, or I'd be totally distraught at the fact that my "Original Baby" is a whole seven years old already!

Ahh, yes...when Micah doubled as Nicholas from Eight is Enough.
Look at those clothes! Micah's now wearing Taylor's clothes and Noble wears that yellow jacket!
Yeah, I know, it happens. My job requires that I get sentimental about it.

But he's the same-ole Micah in most ways. Less teeth, maybe.




 Okay, okay...I know this looks like something out of CakeWrecks,
but it's exactly what Micah asked for and even I couldn't believe the approval I got from the kids on this one.

 I am horrible at frosting cakes anyway (I was awesome at Baskin Robbins back in the day, but non-frozen cake decorating eludes me entirely), and the rest of it is seriously just a pile of candy rocks and gummy worms. But dirt and bugs, that's what he wanted. Seems about right for my rough-and-tumble boy!

 SO stoked to get some video game action, since Noble chewed up all our other games.
Even though it doesn't follow my "it has to make you exercise" rule for Wii games, I'm pretty stoked, too. Let's just say chores are getting done much quicker thanks to the "Mario Motivator".

 Micah loves to play/watch video games with his big brother, but most of the time he's making up imaginary stories and games with Morgen and they love these dolls. Morgen was so excited to give this one to Micah. Even Noble has a "dolly" like this and sometimes they all play's the cutest thing. It's funny to me because the older two weren't really into dolls.
(Please ignore any and all reality in the background.)

Often the different dynamics of our family get lost in the crowd, so to speak. Sometimes I capture a picture or notice a moment that isolates one of these dynamics, and I realize that we have three boys --boy howdy!-- and that they have each other for brothers. This is crazy and wonderful all at the same time.

THEN...I was so glad I bought a Groupon for J.J.Jump last summer. This was the perfect place to take Micah and a friend for a birthday treat. Afterwards we went to Baskin Robbins for a realy special treat!

Micah invited one of his best school friends to come jump with us!

Micah was so brave to try this bungee thingy. They hook you up....

....then you get pulled up to a high point.... pull the chord and ZOOOOOOMMMM!
"Look ma, no hands!"

 Then Micah got all Project Bandaloop on us.

 Taylor tried this thing where you strap in, run as fast as you can to put a beanbag through the hoop. You have to jump up and forward to do it, then the bungee snaps you back. It's pretty hilarious.

What you can't tell from those bungee photos is that this room is totally lit with blacklight and neon grafitti. Morgen liked being all glow-y.

Noble had a soon as we got there (of course) and the only thing I had in the car was a cloth diaper cover and some socks. In this black-lit room, it was easy to keep track of him going up and down a big blow-up slide, socks and undies glowing bright!

Fun times!

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