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For those of you who have me in your readers (ha! as if!), I have a new header photo. Just thought I'd give it props. Like moving furniture, I like to change things up once in a I also added a little photo explanation in the sidebar.

My mom has been visiting, and I haven't felt the urgency to blog about all the fun stuff we've been doing with (or without) her lately, which indicates that my mom is still the main audience I blog for. So shout out to moms-- woop-woop! Hi mom!

First this: oldies--I mean 80's day at school (yeah I know...not funny):

Like...totally gag me with a spoon. That's not how I dressed AT ALL, like, I'm SO sure!

OK, it kinda was. Except I wasn't even that cool.

I realized recently (and I blame Facebook for being the stealer of time and photo album attention) that I have been completely remiss and haven't posted anything about my wonderful eldest daughter leaving the single's life and turning the big one-zero. Double digits! Like every other parent before me I ask, "how did we get here?!" and then, "am I that old?!" So without further ado....

Korah Turns 10
Korah's birthday falls at the worst time of the school year. Her fourth grade class had a big overnight field trip, then it was Memorial Day where everybody's gone, then another big field trip and end of the year stuff, which at our school means Potluck Season. And to top it all off we had zero party money and zero inspiration. My brain is on super-low capacity for the first year of every baby's life (and I hate to say it, but I'm still there today...nine months and holding). I had wanted to take Korah out for a very special mother/daughter birthday thing, and it was just impossible to make happen! We kept postponing birthday plans and even though she was disappointed, this is what I love about Korah: she trusts us and loves us and goes with the flow, patiently (or even not so patiently) waiting for her day in the sun. I don't even know where to start when I want to explain to the world how many hits this girl takes for the team. I guess it's a trade-off because in a way, she gets first pick a lot of the time. She is foremost in my mind I have to admit, maybe because I've known her longer than anyone else! But she has to deal daily with little brothers and a sister who get into her stuff, break her things, undo her work, and live in her space. She has to clean up their messes, listen to their music, and succumb to their schedules and bedtimes. Because of them, money is tighter and mommy's attention is divided. But Korah In fact, she even embraces it! Accepting and loving one another might just be a family value for us and she has no choice, but I am so proud of who she is. For the most part she is kind and loving toward her siblings. She tries hard to do right by them, and instead of getting selfish, she gets silly! Instead of demanding Radio Disney, she'll sing along with The Donut Man, and often have her siblings cracking up in the back seat of the car. Because of this, I just love to bless Korah with special privileges, like her own CD player, so she can stay up late listening to books or Nora Jones or whatever she wants. She has good taste, and I trust her choices. And did you catch that? CD player. She'd be thrilled to have an iPod, but you'll never hear her mention it. She's good with what she's got; she's just awesome that way.

We finally got around to some inspiration we could all agree on, and ended up pulling off a really fun party! The weather had been hot, so we planned some fun water games and a bbq. It ended up sorta muggy, but I knew a bunch of 10 year olds aren't picky about the weather when it comes to messy games and birthday parties. Ten year olds are awesome.

Bucket Fill Relay: relays rock. When it started to get monotonous filling their enormous buckets, Dave started pacing back and forth talkin' smack, pumpin' 'em up! It was awesome to see them get all motivated!

Afterward, all by themselves, they initiated a little game I'll call "Dunk the Dad". Here, David is saying, "ohhh...ok...that's enough..." and the girl with the braids is quipping, "no it's not!!"

Micah has the POW-uh!

'Lil bro', 7 months old

I love Korah's expression in this picture. There is a cute story behind it, but I like it because it shows her full of joy.

And she is thoughtful too. She takes time to appreciate the people who love her.

I love this picture as it's totally a sign of the times. "Remember that shirt I loved? Remember both of our friends who battled cancer (and won!)? Remember building the nursery for Noble and how the new window still needed trim all summer? Remember how I was nervous to get my ears pierced so I wore fake ones?" Those will be good rememberies.

We think it's [kinda] funny that no one is watching Korah blow her candle out because they are all too busy claiming their plate of strawberry-mango shortcake, and fighting over the can of whipped cream. That was some tasty stuff, I tell ya.

Daggonnit, I love this girl!!

Mmmm....he loves her too!

We have a picture like this from when she was just a year old! Maybe someday I'll scan it and put it up.

I just had to put this up. This girl is so cute and such a good friend.

And the grand finale..... S'mores!!
I loved it. I loved leading the games. I loved having all these kids at my house! I loved that my girl was the center of attention and eating it up. She deserves it and so much more! Everyone loves her, and for good reason. She's not perfect of course...she's related to me, so I know that well! But in spite of me, she is turning out to be one beautiful girl...and I am so proud to be her mama. Happy Birthday, Korah! May all your dreams come true!*

*This is kind of our inside joke about Disneyland, Paris, Hawaii, and all the other things we dream of doing together. For now we love the moments Jesus has given us together :)

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Barlow Family said...

Korah, you are turning into such beautiful young lady! May God Bless you and give you a heart that follows after Him:)