Friday, July 17, 2009

Having a Field Day

It's the middle of summer already, but bear with me...I've got some catching up to do from the end of the school year! We were really fortunate to be able to have Morgen and Micah in an awesome preschool with the Headstart Program this year. Their teachers were fantastic, exceeded my expectations for preschool and the kids both LOVED going to school every day!
At the end of the year they have a big Field Day, with races and activities outdoors and a special guest indoors! Their classes were split up, so I darted back and forth unsuccessfully trying to see them both in their elements. Here are a few fun shots from the day:

Micah's chillin' on the bikes with his buddy Anaysia, ready to start the race.

...And off they go! I love how Micah pulls back on the handlebars when he's putting all his might into the start-up.


Checkin' out the competition...


"Rah-rah, shish-boom-bah!" If you weren't riding a bike, you were cheering on your friends!

...or shish-boom-bah-ing your baby brother.

Noble: "stop it."

One of the activities was "painting". They set up water and various brushes and rollers and let them loose. They loved it! Great idea!

This is Morgen's new pose when I'm taking pictures of her. At least she's not hiding!

I was very proud of my little man because he was the only one that got how you do an egg race. (Everyone else used their other hand to hold the egg onto the spoon and run) Micah's the winner in my book! Yay!!

Then came the crazy snake man. He brought some deadly, venemous snakes to crawl around on the floor with the sweet!

Actually, this guy was seriously awesome. He was like the Crocodile Hunter...but with snakes.

King Cobra! "And there's the hood, children. Don't do this at home."

Noble just wants to take a nap and doesn't understand why we're all just sitting on the floor criss-cross-applesauce looking at a crazy guy wave poisonous snakes at us.

What is she thinking? Is she intruiged? Frightened? Hungry? Yeah, that's probably it. That girl's always hungry.

I couldn't believe Morgen got in line to hold a snake! That girl is full of surprises!

"Red to black, friend of Jack! ...But only in North America."

Of course I expected Micah to want to hold it. He probably wants to put it in his pocket and bring it home.

Morgen shares her lunch--or at least her spork--with Noble. She loves to be with him.

I will leave you with this...
"If you handle a snake like this and you don't sweat, you don't have a nervous system!" --The Snake Man


Amber said...

Oh wow I can't believe how much Morgen looks like Korah (hopefully I spelled their names correctly).

Kathy said...

I was trying to follow along...but I was soooo distracted by Noble. he is theee cutest thing ever. He is so chubby! I want to squeeze him and squeeze him some more!! And his bib! He's like a little super hero Baby N....

Renae said...

Great photo diary of the day!

Did you get that bib from Holly? I have a cute green one with a K on it!

(I was distracted by Noble, too...)