Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Judy's

Dear Mom and Aunt Renee,

This one's for you.  And although these photos remind me of the funny stuff Taylor goes around taking pictures of, they were, in fact taken by me before the camera battery died and I didn't really get any shots of the kids or your cousins or....anything but eggs, really...

But let's face it, we all know...

...a Youmans gathering... ALL about the Deviled Eggs!

 Korah's getting Noble all set for the Easter Egg Hunt!
(He totally didn't get it, and just wanted to peel and eat every hard-boiled egg he found and wanted nothing to do with silly, useless plastic eggs.  He got about 2 down before the whole thing was over, and I'm not sure he ever clued in to the jellybeans inside the plastic ones!)

 It's kind of trivial, but being welcomed by this little pop of spring color is one of the things about coming to Judy's at this time of year that I always look forward to.

Micah was unstoppable.  Like, literally.  I couldn't get him to stop so I could show him the one under the truck tire!

So that's about it.  I hugged everyone, talked with Jenny about New York, with Laura about planks and sit-ups and tatoos and Jesus, with Adrienne about...lots of things!  I got to hold Cierra's new baby and rock him to sleep...he is so precious and tiny!  Don't worry,  I watched my kids and no one fell into the river. :)

Love you both.  Wish you were there, as I know you do too.



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CeAnne said...

Sorry we missed everyone! Paul's sister was visiting from NY that week so we snuggled on her baby and chatted with her and her husband. Looks like the usual fun :) I just realized that my blog thing wasn't updating my blogs so now I'm playing catch up!