Friday, January 14, 2011


One of the reasons I blog is to practice writing.  I've never been opposed to getting, and would actually encourage you to give me feedback in this regard, but most of you are not my English Professor and aren't reading in order to critique my storyline, grammar and overall cohesiveness.  And that's okay too.  I'm also a born scrapbooker and with all my fancy scissors, stickers and a rainbow of paper collecting dust, let's just admit it: this is the new scrapbook as well.

After the last blog entry, a good friend pointed out that it wasn't extremely clear how the title of the post was proven in the copy.  I re-read it and it was true, but by then I was just going to have to leave it, as I told her, "a cryptic ramble with a misleading title."  I was remembering the all-day process it took to get me to the last sentence.  I was up and down out of my chair, doing that mommy thing (food, water, toys, cleaning, redirecting, food, mediating, damage control, more food).  And that's with Dave home doing the other half!  It was exhausting and I just didn't care anymore by the end.  I could have saved it, slept on it, proof-read it once more, and then published something more polished but I'm just glad I'm hitting that publish button at all (this applies to everything on this blog, really).  Does my desire to cross something off a list and get it out of my noggin override my desire to be a good writer?  Unfortunately, I think it does.  But still...critique away...if you have any idea what you're talking about.

By the way, want to know what kind of shenanigans go down when mommy blogs?  Try this on for size:

They were especially proud/excited about the dramatically-placed knife.  Is there a Gulliver moment in my future?

Just so you know, we're not one of those families that keeps everything dangerous away from our children-- we just don't have the fortitude of those blessed people.  Rather, we like to immerse our children in kitchen danger: such as chopping vegetables, boiling water for noodles, steaming said vegetables, and the most casualty-laiden of all: WASHING THE DISHES.  

Although, the casualties are usually to my wedding dishes.

We won't talk about the hanging of outdoor Christmas lights with Daddy [shudder...]


Jen Gray said...

I know just what you mean about the need to blog overwhelming the need to make it perfect. I've had a many a time where I've gone back to re-read what I hurriedly wrote, just to make sure and get something, ANYTHING down before I didn't have the time/energy/whatever anymore, just to shudder as I re-read it. Oh, geez! Did I really make that typo? Does his entry make any sense? I have asked all these questions and more. With more careful work, I am better at these things, but I consider my blog more like a casual conversation or an open journal than I do an essay I'm going to hand in to a professional, you know?

Screw it. Just keep doing what you're doing. I think you're doing amazing. : D

Deb said...

Wendy, that photo is amazing! The fact that you get anything written at the end of the day with your busy household astounds me. Because I can just barely function with a full-time job and one child.

I've determined that since my blog is to document art/craft and work on photography skills, the "copy" can be a bit tattered. I certainly catch many typos the day after. I've decided I can't be bothered to care.

We should hang out in real life sometime instead of just reading each other's blogs. (I was too sick the other night to be any fun...hope you had a hoot!)

Jessi said...

I hear ya! I am always finding my typos and grammar mistakes later. I love your blog and think you write well and give us a glimpse into your life that makes me wish I could be more creative, fun loving and able to embrace the chaos as you seem to. I was so bummed when I realized we weren't going to be able to try to see you when we were in Portland. I really would have loved that. Your words have power, beauty and a whimsy that I find wonderful.
AND the line at the end of this post about not having the fortitude of those people was awesome! Well written and funny!

RockerGirl said...

well, about that picture. david, cindy and i used to tie each other up to chairs and time our escapes. (this is what happens when a 10 year old is left in charge) i must say we are quite remarkable in this skill. we are all convinced that if ever captured and tied to a chair we will escape in record time! if only i could put that on a resume!

CC said...

How did I miss that picture???????? I LOVE it!!!!!!!