Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We Have Birthdays...

This one and the next one are for the grandmas and aunties out there who wish I would post more timely pictures of our birthday celebrations...

You'd think we would be having birthday parties all the time, right?  But really, they're kind of all at once...or twice.  Three in April/May.  Three in October/November.  Dave gets spoiled with the August birthday that doesn't compete with anyone else's, and it's usually a good excuse for a last hurrah before school starts.

Waaaay back in May, Korah turned eleven.  I keep expecting to feel shocked or nostalgic about her getting older, but I mostly love it so much it's hard to be sad.  She was an awesome baby and toddler, but she's so cool now, too. She's growing into a beautiful young lady (and now I sound like my grandma) and I don't know how it's happening.  It has nothing to do with me, that's for sure.

We started the day with a scavenger hunt for presents, a clue on each one that led to the next one.  See, this is how she is: a little frustrated that she had to water all the plants before opening her presents, but swallowing her complaints, obliging nonetheless.

Look!  There's something else up there!
Birthdays are never without a captive audience here.
"Noble wants you to read to him!"
There's even one in the fridge!
...the shower...?
She loves it!

Later, we had a fun little skate meet-up ("we'll be there, you should come too!  And by the way, it's my birthday and that's why I'm going skating!"  That is what you say when you can't pull off a huge birthday party.  You get all the friends and fun without any of the pointy party hats.  Those things can poke an eye out!).  It was so much fun; Korah and her friends decided they had to dress oldies 80's:

She is funny and creative and loyal and smart...

...and I love her!!!  We all do!  The kids looked great and we had so much fun!  I always seem to forget how much I love-love-LOVE the roller rink.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KORAH!

Sixty-four wheels = a ton of FUN!

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RockerGirl said...

well, Aunt Josie is pleased with the updates and pics. no matter when they show up. it's worth the wait for your storytelling. Korah sure is awesome. i love her style! she is giving me ideas!!