Friday, December 4, 2009

A Box From Dad

Oooo, a surprise box from Dad in Santa Barbara!



These are from my parents' backyard. The backyard where I grew up, pretty much taking for granted the Eden of fruit at my disposal. And these can't get them in Oregon. These aren't the same hard, tasteless, crap-shoot in the grocery store produce section. These-- ohh-- the meat is soft and juicy and sweet and tangy! It's almost like you are the lucky destination of the sun's long journey, which began with the sweetening of the tiny blossoms, exciting bees and filling the air with its perfume. Then burgeoning forth into a vessel of juicy sunshine and now those warm rays are gushing out of all that pulp and pith, down your chin, down your arm, dousing your tastebuds with childhood memories!!

My sweet and funny daddy sent a note,
"NO MORE SCURVY!" He doesn't like to hear that we get colds every winter here, and wants us to power up. And as David said between mmmmm's, "it tastes like there's more Vitamin C in these oranges!"

What a blessing for us. Thank you, Dad! And for my hometown local peeps, these are just a small sampling; my parents would probably love to give you some oranges...and peaches...and apples; they can't keep up with all the fruit!

**Just a side-note: notice how the oranges are packaged so perfectly in that bubble wrap. My dad did that. That's just how he is. And I'd be willing to bet he even found satisfaction in knowing all that bubble wrap would be just as thrilling (to some of us) as those tasty oranges!


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

What a great gift. I loved that the home office at Borders used to send oranges and apples - instead of junk - to each store during the holidays.

What a treat - and how sweet how well cared for they are, all snug in their bubble wrap. Awesome.

Kristin @ Meanbean said...

You know, even without knowing the history behind that package, just first glance at the oranges, how snugly they're wrapped in the bubble wrap, how perfectly not-bruised they are, we can see this is one special package.

Your daddy loves you!!! :) How lucky you guys are, I do so love a perfect orange, but have quit buying them because, as you said, it's a crap-shoot and I lose 9 times out of 10.

Enjoy, and no more scurvy!!

Aaron Riedl said...

Hey Wendy, I just found your blog! Great photos and fun stories! :-) Mmm I could go for a tasty orange right about now.