Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad Mom

I always feel a little guilty when I let my kids stay up way past their bedtime. But on Friday nights I'm a little more lax because tomorrow's Saturday, they can sleep in...right?

And I always feel a little guilty when I feed my kids Top Ramen, even though I've seen it in fancy restaurants and I never use that little MSG packet that comes with it.

But when I let them stay up late, eat a bowl of Top Ramen and then pass out at the dining room table while I'm in the other room nursing the baby and the rest of the house is asleep, my mothering skills are looking really lame.


Michelle said...

My kids would think that it was the biggest treat ever to get to sleep right there! Throw a towel over the top and call it camping!!
You are a wonderful mom, by the way.

wendy said...

Well, we have lots of dining room chairs...they are welcome to sleep over any time! ;)

katieoz said...

hey, it's only the really awesome moms that can let down all their rules and whatnot every now and then! You've got this mom-thing *down* :)

Barlow Family said...

My kids have been going to bed between 11 and midnight this last week and sleeping in till after 10am. I kinda like the morning time Ive gained to myself:) Its light here at night and hard to wind down.

Kathy said...

Umm....Maybe I was suppsoed to judge you about something there...but in my head all there was was "OOH her dining room chairs are cool."

I have been keeping really odd hours. My oldest has been up rocking my baby to sleep because I can't nurse him and baby is NOT happy about that.