Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Vonderhaus!

It's a world-wide birthday party!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Just a quick video of Christmas Day at the Vonderhaus...

Yes, it's true...Micah got a cap gun. He's been making everything into guns lately, and I thought he might like something that makes loud noises. And truth be told, I loved cap guns as a kid, and couldn't wait to share caps with my kids. As soon as the snow melts, we're going outside with a roll of caps and a hammer, and I'll show them what fun that is!

However, "all-boy" Micah with a gun is one of those funny/scary things. When he opened it, he explained, "Shoot people! Kill people!" Oh geez... Don't worry, we set him straight. Shoot animals, buddy. Kill dinner.


My heart fights against the consumerism and forced good-will towards men during this season. It wasn't until I was wrapping presents and assembling stockings last night that I started to get that giddy Christmas Spirit feeling. And then baby Jesus showed up in the nativity scene and we sang "Happy Birthday". And I realized that because of one little baby, who just happens to be the world's Savior, God is doing miracles all over the place, sometimes where God wouldn't have otherwise been invited in. So seasonal good-will or a genuine act of worship, I'll take it.

Thank you, God, for sending your Son.

As a baby.

To be with us, to show yourself to us.

To save the world!


CeAnne said...

Merry Christmas! Hope to see you all tomorrow! We can celebrate Jesus' birthday and mine :)

CC said...

Wonderful family photo!

Was that me in the movie? Oh, wait, it couldn't me. I'm too scared to drive in this stuff!

and Micah with a gun??!!! Aaack! run!

But "kill dinner". That is a good plan. Very frugal of you. ;)

The Flash got a helicopter that included tiny police guns. Nope. Forced him to throw those suckers away. He can enjoy the helicopter sans weapons.

les said...

you are a horrible mother to give your son a gun.

just kidding. i loved cap guns as a kid too. i think i had one just like that one! i love how dramatic morgen is, falling to the floor. good times.

Megan Malone said...

I don't think we can keep our boys from liking certain things espically things that are destructive. I think of all those cowboys who were at least loyal to their mothers and that give me comfort.

Barlow Family said...

I love that pic of you guys!!!