Friday, September 26, 2008


I do childcare at the YMCA. In order to make it inviting and somewhat entertaining for our guests, we have an event calendar every month, chock-full of fun things to do like tattoo days and paper boat making. My boss finds ridiculous holidays on the web and my job is to invent activities to do on those days. I secretly love it, but I play it cool because I know I'm already a nerdy underpaid overachiever to my 20-something co-workers. Whatever. Love what you do, I say.

This last week, on one of my days off, it was National Comic Book Day. So before I left the day before, I went to my favorite place, the gigantic chalkboard, and drew up a bunch of blank comic strip pages with the instructions "CREATE YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK".

Today, seeing as how most of our guests are under three years old, the "Comic Book" was mostly a bunch of smeared scribbles. But then on one side was a single drawing of a boy named Hayden and his mini-biography. I have never even met Hayden, but I just thought this was awesome. I didn't have my camera with me, so I copied his drawing and here is my expanded interpretation:


Karen Elaine said...

That is so great! kids are so fascinating. :) great idea about the comic strip!

Michelle said...

You should staple that into a little book and leave it at the gym for the kid.... he would treasure it, I am sure!. By the are awesome!