Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something old, something new, something sandy, something blue!

Last Saturday we got to go on a much-needed date, much thanks to some neighbors and some very generous friends. We don't normally go on dates during the day, so we don't really know what to do but see a $3 movie at McMenamins. So we decided to go blueberry picking at Sauvie Island Blueberry Farms. It was the best blueberry picking I've ever done (except for wild blueberries in Austria that turn your mouth blue). It was lovely just to be together in nature, time to talk and be quiet and harvest and snack. They also sell Dahlias at the pretty!

We also wanted to go out to Sand in the City but we ran out of time. Then, we were going to take all the kids there, but the older ones started acting up so Dave stayed home with them while I took Morgen & Micah. It was really crowded so I'm glad I only had the two. Half the time was spent finding a bathroom, but I think they enjoyed our little outing...

The Great Wall of China
(ode to the Olympic Games)

Micah & Morgen are rockin' the Starbucks samples.

Micah says "I love deez tings!" And he went around and labeled all four water spouts: "Kowah, Tayduh, Meghen, Micah!"

"Is it coming??"

They even got to ride the MAX... how fun!
Morgen sat next to a guy with a pretty pink mohawk and half-way through the ride Micah noticed it, gasped, pointed and yelled, "A HO-HAWK!" He was very excited.


Summer Miller said...

You're family is so beautiful! I had a good time reading your blog tonight. You're a great communicator.

Hope things are good for you and Dave. I'm praying about the job stuff.

Andy said...

My daughter thinks riding Max is the best - and adventure in itself! We really wanted to make it down to the sand event this year but weren't able to. Hopefully next year.