Monday, June 23, 2008

SOOOO excited!

We are SO excited to go camping next week! David set up the tent in the front yard to make sure we had all the parts, and the kids immediately set up their sleeping bags in there. It was hard to get them out and into their real beds tonight!

I remember using this tent when Korah was a baby and we set up the playpen in there for her, and there was plenty of room left. Now all four kids get in there and I had to wonder where we were going to sleep! So it looks like if things go as planned, it will kinda be like home, with the kids all goofin' around in one tent while we get our own little space to keep clean and tidy in another tent. :D

Now you may or may not be a "camper" but we absolutely thrive on camping. Yes, the dirty, smokey, tent kind of camping where you cook your meals on the fire pit and it takes a half an hour to boil water for a cup of coffee. For some reason, being out in the middle of somewhere new, surrounded by the sounds of different wildlife and neighbor campers, with new rocks to overturn and new trees to hide behind, the kids get along swimmingly for DAYS on end. Dave just builds fires and plays guitar. I journal and read to my heart's content...or I just sit there in my camping chair with my head leaned way back to stare up into the tall trees, listening to the birds chatting about all the wonderful Vonder-crumbs to eat and the kids inventing some new adventure, and I simply enjoy the absence of a to-do list. Now that I've figured out how to prepare food with little to no work or dishes, camping has become so rejuvenating for me. And maybe because I am relaxed, the whole family relaxes ('cuz if mama ain't happy, you know...) and our whole family is simply recharged at the end of our time. Exhausted and wishing we could camp forever, but full of gladness that we went. There are no playdates to drag our kids away, none of our grown-up obligations. It's just us and we love on each other and love Jesus together and I just love camping. Camping is my favorite!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Morgen. Sorry Teacher Tina and I missed you when we came to visit with our newest Sunflower kid, Micah. Have a wonderful Kindergarten. I know you'll love it!
Teacher Marge